There has been an increased number of trucks using the roads. All these trucks have to go through the weighbridges to ensure they comply with the authorized axle load limit.

KeNHA mandate on Axle Load Control

  • Establish the rate of consumption of the road asset
  • Provide evidence for enforcement and prosecution of offenders of vehicle dimension.
  • Provide evidence for enforcement and prosecution of offenders of vehicle dimensions
  • Advice on legal requirements related to vehicle weights and dimensions
  • Ensure adherence to rules and guide- lines on axle load control prescribed under the law



In order to enhance movement of cargo through the Northern Corridor, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), a State Corporation established under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for the management, rehabilitation and maintenance of national trunk roads wishes to issue the following guidelines;

1.That following Minister for Transport and Infrastructure's proposal to amend the Traffic Act, the Authority is enforcing maximum allowable gross vehicle weight limits as indicated in the table below;

Description Current Limit Proposed Limit
Rigid Chassis vehicle with 2 axles 18,000 18,000
Rigid Chassis vehicle with 3 axles 24,000 26,000
Rigid Chassis vehicle with 4 axles 28,000 30,000
Vehicle & semi trailer with 3 axles 28,000 28,000
Vehicle & semi trailer with 4 axles 34,000 36,000
Vehicle & semi trailer with 5 axles 42,000 44,000
Vehicle & semi trailer with 6 axles 48,000 50,000
Vehicle & drawbar trailer with 4 axles 36,000 36,000
Vehicle & drawbar trailer with 5 axles 42,000 44,000
Vehicle & drawbar trailer with 7 axles 56,000 56,000


2. That all Custom Sealed Containerized Transit Cargo shall only be weighed at the first weighbridge encountered after leaving the Port/ Point of Loading and at the Last Weighbridge at point of exit from the border.

3. That any vehicle established to be overloaded on the Axle or Axle Group but is within the prescribed Gross Vehicle Weight as per the Axle configuration shall be allowed to redistribute its cargo to within tolerance before being re-weighed and allowed to proceed with its journey. Such vehicles will not be charged.

4. That any vehicle which is overloaded on the Axle and Axle Group and cannot redistribute its cargo to within allowable tolerance shall be charged.

5. That an allowance of 5% has been granted on the Legal Axle and Axle Group Weights Limits to take care of possible movement of cargo while on transit as indicated in the table below;

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