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Finally, the North is Breathing

The residents and their businesses to the Northern part of Kenya are finally breathing with a sigh of relief, thanks to the ongoing construction of the South Sudan Link Road.

The 338 Kilometre road project is one of the Government’s biggest infrastructural intervention geared towards regional integration with the North, through South Sudan.

This road, which is part of the East Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Project, is a grand achievement birthed by a partnership between the Government of Kenya and the World Bank.

Today, the North is beaming with a tinge of freshness of a road that has left both the local and the international community talking. Those who enjoy road trips, the South Sudan Link Road should be at the very top of that priority list. The road which majorly cuts through Turkana County, serves the fresh image of dark tarmac slicing through the arid plains of the County, carrying with it hope for a better future for the people of Turkana and Kenya as a whole.

Motorists are treated to a sample of unique workmanship on this road at the Kainuk Bridge. The new bridge that towers over the old bridge right next to it, was a much-needed intervention at a section of the road that rendered the County of Turkana and the Northern  part of Kenya inaccessible. One would not have to dig far into the archives to uncover the horror that the absence this bridge posed to the region. Had it not been the intervention on this section of the road, the South Sudan Link Road project, which begins in Lokichar and ends in Nakodok, would have been in vain.

In Lokichar town, there is evidence of a revived North; matatus ferrying people to Lodwar, Kakuma and back. In retrospect, this is almost a miracle to behold. Prior to the road works, these areas were riddled with banditry, full of thugs who often took advantage of the poor road condition to terroriser travellers. The County Commissioner of Turkana County, Muthama Wambua, concedes that previously, there was an average of two vehicles attacked in a day. Today, he says, for more than a year, there has not been a single attack.

If you have not been to Lodwar town, brace yourself for a pleasant experience. Right at the edge of the town as you drive in, is Turkana University. Perhaps a symbol of hope for a solid future. On the horizon are pointy hills piercing into the sky ushering in the aeroplanes landing in Lodwar airport. In short, Lodwar is a big deal!

The journey From Lodwar to Lokitaung’, especially by road, is characterized by a flawless drive that treats incomers to the expansive plains of Turkana. The expansive dry plains may be deceptive, and this is indicated by the numerous bridge structures which facilitate the heavy drainage needs in the region. Out of the initial two major bridge structures that were along this road, a total of 33 major bridges will now be used along the road.

If Lodwar town surprises you, Kakuma will knock you flat on your back. Kakuma is a vibrant town showing all the signs of evolving into a city. Retailers and wholesalers sprawl all over the town with trucks ferrying goods, telling of the economic potential that is in Kakuma. These developments may seem ordinary elsewhere but are truly a miracle for a region that was almost inaccessible less than a decade ago. Talk of the role of infrastructure in economic development, and the North is a solid example.

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Nairobi Expressway inching closer to completion

H.E The President Uhuru Kenyatta today launched the last box girder along the main alignment of the Nairobi Expressway. This is a milestone achieved with the Nairobi Expressway projected to be completed by March 2022.

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The Nairobi Expressway Traffic Updates


Construction of the Nairobi Expressway continues to make good progress with completion status currently standing at 75%. The progress of the construction of the operation and monitoring centre is now at 98.7%. This is set to be completed ahead of the main road works.

This centre will help manage and maintain the road once it is operational. It is hoped that more staff will be employed beyond the current engagement.

The project financing and implementing company, Moja Expressway Company, has so far employed over 4,000 Kenyans across different cadres besides using locally sources tons of construction materials required for the project.

Even as the civil works are ongoing, traffic management remains a critical component of project implementation to ensure relative ease of movement and safety for all road users. To this end, various interventions have been put in place.

A number of sections of the Road have already been reconstructed and open to use by motorists. These include:

1. Mlolongo Weighbridge – KAPA Industries

2. Gateway Mall – Hilton Gardens

3. Sameer Park – Southern Bypass

4. David Osieli Road – Aga Khan School

The sections of the Expressway where traffic congestion could still be experienced, include areas currently under intervention as indicated below:

1. GM area where a new footbridge has been installed and the old one taken down

2. Bunyala Round About – University Way where construction is still ongoing

The onset of rains may cause disruption to the normal traffic flow. Motorists are, therefore, urged to continue exercising caution and road courtesy as that will help manage traffic better.

Road SectionRestoration Date
Haile Selassie - University way RoundaboutDecember 15, 2021
Elevated SectionStands at 89.5% Completion

The onset of rains may cause disruption to the normal traffic flow. Motorists are, therefore, urged to continue exercising caution and road courtesy as that will help manage traffic better.

In the meantime, KeNHA is committed to ensure timely completion of the Nairobi Expressway and delivery of the best quality services to customers and stakeholders at all times.

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Nairobi – Nakuru – Mau Summit Stakeholder Engagement

KeNHA and the Rift Valley Highway Limited have held a total of 65 stakeholders engagements meetings involving over 3000 participants in an effort to sensitize and have a buy in for the Nairobi-Nakuru-Mau Summit road project. The engagements have been with communities living along the road corridor, elected leaders, county governments, conservationists, NGOs, transporters and other interest groups such as KEPSA.
The engagements have seen the incorporation of proposals from the public into the road designs to ensure various interests have been taken care of.

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