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Change of Address

Clients are required to update the Authority on any change of their contacts or address.

Construction and maintenance of roads

The contractor will ensure roads are constructed and maintained according to the standard specifications. Consultants will also be expected to carry out their mandate in accordance with the standards laid down in the contract documents.

Protection and preservation of the road infrastructure

In order for the road infrastructure to remain in good condition, Clients/Customers should observe the following:

No vehicle(s) - overload

No vandalism of road furniture

Respect traffic regulations and speed limits.

Redress Mechanism

Customers/Clients who have a complaint, remark or suggestion to make can seek redress as follows;

Make formal complaint to the head of the station where the service was rendered.

Make a complaint to Regional Manager.

A customer/client may make complaints or suggestions to the Director General through the physical address, post, telephone, fax, short message or e-mail provided.

Use the Suggestion and Corruption reporting boxes maintained in the Headquarters and Regional offices

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