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About Kenya National Highways Authority

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a statutory body established under the Kenya Roads Act of 2007. It was inaugurated in September 2008 and the first Director General appointed in December 2008. Its headquarters is in Nairobi and has ten regional offices and three corridor management offices. KeNHA was certified ISO 9001: 2008 on July 2013 and was recertified to ISO 9001: 2015 in September 2018.

KeNHA is responsible for the development, rehabilitation, management and maintenance of all National Trunk Roads comprising Classes S, A, and B roads, totalling to approximately 21,583 Km as per the gazette notice L.N. 2/2016. The classes are defined as follows:

i)  Class-S Road: A Highway that connects two or more cities and carries safely a large volume of traffic at the highest speed of operation; Total - 40 Kilometers (All Paved)

ii)  Class-A Road: A Highway that forms a strategic route and corridor connecting international boundaries at identified immigration entry and exit points and international terminals such as international air or sea ports; Total - 6,830 Kilometers (Paved 4,975 KMs, Unpaved 1,855 KMs) and

iii)  Class-B Road: A Highway that forms an important national route linking national trading or economic hubs, County Headquarters and other nationally important centers to each other and to the National Capital or to Class A roads. Total - 14,713 Kilometers (Paved 7,202 KMs, Unpaved 7,511 KMs))

Under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the National Government (through the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works) has the overall responsibility for the provision of an efficient road network in Kenya. The Ministry provides the policy and regulatory frameworks, coordination, oversight, supervision, liaison with other state agencies and any services necessary for the smooth functioning of the roads sub-sector.

The core functions of the Authority as defined by the Kenya Roads Act of 2007 include;

a)  To construct, upgrade, rehabilitate and maintain roads under its control;

b)  To control national roads and road reserves and access to roadside developments;

c)  To implement road policies in relation to national roads;

d)  To ensure adherence to the rules and guidelines on axle load control prescribed under the Traffic Act and under any regulations under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007;

e)  To ensure that the quality of road works is met;

f)  To collect and collate data related to the use of national roads;

g)  To prepare road works programmes for all national roads;

h)  To monitor and evaluate the use of national roads;

i)  To plan the development and maintenance of national roads;

j)  To advice the Minister on all issues relating to national roads;

k)  To liaise and coordinate with other road authorities in planning and on operations;

l)  To perform other functions related to the implementation of the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 as may be directed by the Minister.

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