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1) Integrity - We shall endeavor manage our business on the basis of honesty and transparency by ensuring excellence within the Authority through upholding professionalism, ethical standards and accountability.

2) Customer Focus - We recognize the importance of our customers as partners and endeavor to meet their expectations.

3) Innovation - We shall continuously improve our processes, nurture new ideas, exceptional talent and embrace modernization by introducing new methods and interventions through Research and Development.

4) Team work - Maximize our collective talents through active participation, collaboration and partnerships based on mutual trust, respect, support, cooperation and effective communication.

5) Equity - The Authority will uphold the highest levels of equity by treating all stakeholders without any discrimination.

Strategic Objectives

1. Enhance efficiency and capacity within the national trunk roads network
2. Define, delineate and clear road reserves and depot camps
3. Preserve the quality of the national trunk road network
4. Ensure environmental sustainability and promote social interests
5. Strengthen the institutional capacity
6. Institutionalize Research and Development within the Authority
7. To mobilize additional financial resources to bridge any financing gaps
8. Strengthen leadership and integrity


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Find Us At;Barabara Plaza, Off Airport South Road, Opp. KCAA HQs.

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