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Kenol – Sagana – Marua Highway Improvement Project

Scope of the Project

  1. LOT 1: Dualling of 48Km and associated facilities between Kenol and Sagana.
  2. Construction of Saba Saba River Bridge at Km 26+371.
  3. Construction of Sagana (Tana) River Bridge at Km 27+500.
  4. Construction of Rwamuthambi River Bridge at Km 42+741.
  5. Construction of Makutano Interchanges at Km 31+ 679.
  6. LOT 2: 36 Km dualling of road and associated facilities between Sagana and Marua.
  7. Bridge at Km 55+715.
  8. Bridge at Km 96+000.
  9. Marua interchange at Km 83+600.

Description of the Project

The project is financed by African Development Bank (AfDB).

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