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Nairobi Expressway

Scope of the Project

  1. Length: 27.1 km.
  2. Roadbed Section: 18.2 km, Mlolongo to Southern Bypass; Westlands to James Gichuru.
  3. Elevated Section: 8.9 km (main road), Southern Bypass to Westlands.
  4. No. of Lanes: 4 lane dual carriageway; 6 lane dual carriageway from Eastern Bypass to Southern Bypass Section; 8 lane dual carriageway from Toll Station of main lane to James Gichuru Section.

Description of the Project

Constructed under the Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The Nairobi Expressway is a key section of the Northern Corridor which provides passage to 85% of cargo destined for the neighboring landlocked countries.

The physical progress is 33%.