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Mwache Junction – Tsunza – Mteza

Mwache Junction – Tsunza – Mteza
Scope of the Project
  1. Site clearance and setting out;
  2. Topsoil removal
  3. Construction of earthworks;
  4. Construction of pipe culverts, Box culverts, headwalls to culverts and improvement of other drainage and soil erosion protection works.
  5. Construction of 3 bridges: Mwache Bridge, Tsunza viaduct and Mteza Bridge. vii) Construction of Tsunza U-turn Bay (Km 8+300).
  6. Accommodation of traffic crossing through the works;
  7. Gravelling of detours, deviations,
  8. Construction of improved sub-grade
  9. Construction of pavements layers comprising of 175mm cement bound Graded Crushed Stone (GCS)


Description of the Project

The new road will consist of a dual carriageway starting from the Mwache interchange, 4km from the A109 road and 5km from the New Container terminal at Kipevu, Mombasa Port. The road runs in a southerly direction from the Mwache interchange for 4.0km crossing the Mwache Creek and going through Tsunza peninsula before turning eastwards across the Mteza Creek.